Critter Control

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Rodent Proofing, Sanitizing, Sub-Area and Attic Clean-up

The service starts with a full home inspection including the plumbing and electrical juntions,  garage,  attic and sub area and basement.

The highly trained Golden state critter control inspector will implement a aggressive plan to eradicate the infestation or offer preventive measures with a one year warranty on all work performed

Wildlife Trapping and Disposal


                                     WILDLIFE IN ATTICS

Many animals love to live in the attic of your house: squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, bats, and more. We are experts at removing wildlife from attics.

Bird Proofing, Sanitizing and Clean-Up

                                      HEALTH RISK
Bird droppings and their debris are known to carry up to 60 transmittable diseases including Salmonella and histoplasmosis.

                                 PROPERTY DAMAGE
Bird droppings can quickly erode building materials leading to costly repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Bird droppings can cause a slip and fall risk to employees and customers leading to lost productivity and potential accidents.

Noisy birds that congregate and leave droppings, feathers and debris can easily offend customers.
                                       CRITTER TRAPPING

We provide general critter trapping and removal of unwanted nuisance wildlife from your property. We take care to be humane, while following California laws.
                            DAMAGE REPAIRS & PREVENTION

If animals have invaded your home, removing them is only part of the job. We identify all entry holes, and seal them shut permanently with professional repair